Welcome to my corner of the web!  My name is Susan Larimer, and I am a skincare consultant with Lemongrass Spa products. My goal is to teach women that a complete skincare routine does not have to be expensive, complicated, or time-consuming.  Join me for a 2 week Skincare Challenge where I’ll show you step by step which product to use day by day.  You will see noticable changes in just 2 weeks.  Fall in LOVE with your skin!

Hear what past Skincare Challenge participants had to say…

“I am 66 and am amazed at you how little time this takes. I love the products. The triple enzyme peel is a game changer too❤️

“The challenge got me into having a nightly routine so thank you.”

“I have to say, I absolutely love this. I haven’t worn makeup in 3 days because I’m really feeling comfortable with how my skin looks and feels!”

Every other time I have tried to start a skin care routine, I break out and my skin gets so irritated and angry. So I just go back to plain water and moisturizer. Not only did I not break out this time, my skin feels great and it has boosted my confidence so much