Searching for the perfect planner…

Every year, around October, I start looking for that PERFECT PLANNER – the planner that will take my future year to the next level.  I search for a planner that will organize my whole life, remind me of all the things I need to do or SHOULD do while color coding each family member and their activities.  The ability to add cute stickers and washi tape?  Yes, please!  I also want blank pages so I can take notes, record thoughts and write down all the things I want to remember!  I am big on meal planning too, so I also want a place to schedule my weekly menu.  Portability is also important to me.  Am I asking too much?

This year, I did a complete 180 and chose the DIGITAL PLANNER Artful Agenda

This was HUGE for me because I am a PAPER GIRL!  I love to read physical books, and I love to flip through pages of a magazine. There is something very satisfying about physically crossing off tasks on my to-do list.  Although having a system that was portable was most important to me, I also didn’t want to sacrifice the personality that comes with paper planners. Now, I’m not saying this system checks ALL of my boxes, but it comes pretty close!  I started using the Artful Agenda Digital Planner in October, and after a 2 week free trial, I purchased the annual account for just $35!  I’m happy to say that at the time I am writing this, I have been successfully and HAPPILY using the Artful Agenda Digital Planner for 3 months!

Here’s what I am able to do with the Artful Agenda Digital Planner:

  • Personalize each date with a huge selection of free covers, digital “handwritings”, STICKERS, and Washi Tape!
  • Time block (which is crucial for me)
  • Color code each area of my life: work is green, church is purple, my daughter is pink, my son is turquoise, etc…
  • Set alarms to remind me of upcoming events
  • Sync my calendar across devices
  • View a month, a week, or a day at a time
  • Create a task checklist for me to cross off items that are complete
  • Record thoughts or things I want to remember on the unlimited blank pages
  • Set monthly, weekly, or daily GOALS
  • Search using keywords to easily locate previous dates and appointments
  • Meal plan and track my drinking goals (WATER of course!).

Think it could work for you?

Here’s a 5 minute Overview Video.  Check it out and try the 2 week free trial!  If you love it, let Artful Agenda know I sent you by using my referral code: RS146879.  I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Happy Planning!

~ Susan Larimer