A little goes a LONG way with Lemongrass Spa products!

When I first transitioned to Lemongrass Spa products, I thought I should use the same amount of product that I’ve been using with my previous store-brand products.


Store brand products contain lots of fillers, so you do need to use more.  More pumps of lotion, more squirts of shampoo, more pumps of serums…

Lemongrass Spa products have NO FILLERS, so a little truly does go a long way.  After using Lemongrass Spa products for over 6 years, I’ve learned that less is better.  Plus it saves you money!  Here are the amounts that I use…

Face Wash/Cleansing Gel – dime-sized amount (less than what’s shown in the graphic above)

Facial Mist – 2-3 sprays directly onto your face

Vitamin C Serum – 3-5 drops

Lightening Serum – 1 drop

Anti-Aging Oil Serum – 1 pump

Probiotic Eye Gel – 1 pump (that’s for both eyes)

Eye Creme – 1/2 pump (that’s for both eyes)

Face Creme (Botanical, Tea Tree, and Gentle) – 1-2 pumps

Coconut Rehab Creme – 3 pumps

Facial Masks – you only need a thin layer on your skin

Facial Polishes / Microdermabrasion Creme – nickel-sized amount.

I hope this helps!  If there’s any other product you need help portioning out, let me know!

Thankful for YOU!

Susan Larimer