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Prebiotics come from sea kelp and are an alkaloid-based bio-stimulant that feeds a variety of friendly microorganisms that live on the skin.  Think of it has “health food for your skin”!

Happy, Healthy Skin!

As I mentioned above, sea kelp is one of the major contributors to our prebiotic products.  Sea kelp is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and it is rich in minerals.  The alkaloids found in sea kelp are the triggering mechanisms infused into our products to create that healthy bacteria.  When prebiotics feed the microorganisms, it strengthens the super ecology system on the skin.  This results in the body affectively and naturally producing hyaluronic acid, which helps slow the aging process and gives skin a more youthful appearance.  Isn’t this what everyone wants?

Will I see and feel the effects of using prebiotics right away?

Yes and no! Immediately after using a prebiotic product, your skin will feel softer and you won’t feel that soapy residue left behind with other washes.  Don’t expect this body wash to suds up though!  Products that produce a lot of lather and bubbles contain lots of artificial (and sometimes harmful!) ingredients to create the suds!  Even though you can’t see the lather, know it’s working!  Protect your skin now, and enjoy happy, healthy skin in the future!

The real magic comes after continuous use. Over a very short period of time using a prebiotic product, the healthy bacteria will completely overwhelm any harmful bacteria, promoting a radiant complexion. I’m 46, and I personally have been using our Prebiotic Body Wash for a few years now, and my skin is very hydrated and healthy looking. Wait until I’m 80!  My peers will be asking why my skin looks so good and they’ll wish they would’ve been using prebiotics all along too!

Since the use of prebiotics balances the pH level of the skin, working in a positive manner to aid in skin restoration that accelerates the recovery and repair of skin blemishes, scars, and wounds.  I use the Prebiotic Facial Mist on sunburns, rashes, and even bug bites to speed up the recovery process!

Prebiotics are healthy for the environment too!

Prebiotic products are not only good for your skin, but they’re also good for the environment!  Every product we use in the shower is rinsed down the drain leaving a footprint on the environment.  Because of the sea kelp and alkaloids in prebiotic products, you can rest assured knowing that this healthy bacteria is improving the environment, not harming it.  It is reef safe, marine life safe, environmentally safe and even septic system safe! Wherever it goes, it leaves the place better than it was found!

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