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Have You Tried Lemongrass Spa’s Facial Cleansing Oil?

My skin tends to be oily.  Like many of my customers, I have an oily T-Zone (the area across your forehead and down your nose).  When Lemongrass Spa first introduced their Facial Cleansing Oil in 2019, my immediate reaction was, “Nope!  That product is NOT for me. My skin is already oily!”.  But then I learned something surprising…

Oil Combats Oil

One would think that in order to have less oily skin, one should use less oily products.  Wrong!  Oil combats oil!  Our skin NEEDS oils in order to maintain a healthy hydration balance.   My skin was producing more oils to compensate for the natural oils I was stripping away with harsh cleansers and astringents!  In other words, I was doing the exact opposite of what I should have been doing!  After learning this, I was ready to try Lemongrass Spa’s Facial Cleansing Oil, and OH MY WORD, I fell in love!

Use the Facial Cleansing Oil as Step One of a Double Cleanse

If you don’t like the idea of cleansing with an oil, try using this product as step ONE of a DOUBLE CLEANSE!  First, remove makeup with the Facial Cleansing Oil.  Next, wash with your favorite Lemongrass Spa facial cleansing gel or bar soap.  Prepare to be amazed!  You’re going to love this complete cleansing technique!

Learn More…

In the video below, watch how I gently massage the oil onto my skin. See how easily my makeup dissolves without tugging, pulling, or using harsh ingredients.  Don’t forget to join my Private FB Group to be added to my next Skincare Challenge and to learn more about Lemongrass Spa Products!  Ready to try double cleansing?  Click here to shop: https://susanlarimer.com

~ Susan