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A Cleansing Oil?

I already have oily skin; how can a cleansing oil help me? Guess what? Oil combats oil! Prepare to be surprised!

A Little Goes a LONG Way!

When I first started using Lemongrass Spa products, I was using WAY too much! I was used to products with fillers! Lemongrass Spa has no fillers, so a little truly does go a long way!

My Addiction to Chapstick

ChapStick addiction is real! The more I applied, the more dehydrated my lips became! Hear how I overcame my ChapStick addiction and see if the ingredients in your lip balm could be causing you to be addicted too!

Artful Agenda; A Digital Planner

Why I love my digital “Artful Agenda” planner – stickers, color coding, unlimited lists, searchable events, repeating events, this planner does #allthethings!

Caffeine? Yes, Please!

Learn which plants contain the highest amount of caffeine, why caffeine is so good for your skin, and which skincare products contain an extra boost of caffeine.

I Have a Balm for That!

Itches, scratches, sore muscles, arthritis, eczema, sinus congestion, sore feet, headaches, I have a BALM for that!