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Lemongrass Spa's Healing Elements Balm

A Journey from Necessity to Bestseller


Meet the Healing Elements Balm, Lemongrass Spa’s all-time top seller! Originally known as “Bottom’s Up,” this product has a heartfelt origin story. Heidi Leist, the founder and CEO of Lemongrass Spa Products, created this balm out of sheer necessity. As a new mother, Heidi sought a diaper rash cream with clean, safe ingredients for her infant daughter. Disappointed by the limited options on the market, she took matters into her own hands and crafted her own solution. The result? The Healing Elements Balm was born out of a need for something better.

From Diaper Rash to Multi-Purpose Marvel


Heidi’s creation quickly proved to be more than just a diaper rash cream. Friends and family soon discovered its magical properties for treating various skin irritations, leading them to request their own jars. Word spread, and the Healing Elements Balm became a household staple for its versatility and effectiveness.

What’s Makes This Balm so Magical?


The Healing Elements Balm boasts a blend of nourishing and soothing ingredients:

  • Lavender and Vanilla: These delicate, tranquil aromas provide a calming effect, making the balm a pleasure to use.
  • Zinc Oxide and Calendula Extract: Known for their calming and soothing properties, these ingredients help alleviate irritation and promote healing.
  • Shea and Mango Butters: These natural butters nourish, protect, and enhance skin softness, ensuring your skin feels as good as it looks.

Versatility in a Jar


One of the reasons the Healing Elements Balm has become a top seller is its wide range of uses. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from this all-purpose balm:

  • Diaper Rash Relief: Originally formulated for this purpose, the balm soothes and protects delicate baby skin.
  • Sunburn Soother: Apply the balm to sunburned skin for quick relief and to promote healing.
  • Dry Skin Remedy: Use it on dry patches, elbows, and heels to restore softness and hydration.
  • Minor Cuts and Scrapes: The soothing and protective properties help minor wounds heal faster.
  • Eczema and Psoriasis: Many users find relief from these chronic skin conditions with regular application.
  • Tattoo Aftercare: Keep your new ink looking fresh and vibrant by using the balm during the healing process.

A Customer Favorite for Good Reason


It’s no surprise that the Healing Elements Balm has become Lemongrass Spa’s top-selling product. Its clean, effective ingredients and versatility make it a must-have for every household. Whether you’re a parent looking for a safe diaper rash solution, someone seeking relief from skin irritations, or just in need of a reliable moisturizer, this balm has you covered.

Experience the Magic Yourself


If you haven’t tried the Healing Elements Balm yet, now is the perfect time to discover why it’s beloved by so many. This is a must-have for all homes because you never know when you’ll need it! Trust in the power of clean, natural ingredients and experience the soothing relief and nourishment that this balm provides. Your skin will thank you!

Customer Testimonials

“The Healing Elements is some seriously amazing balm when it comes to rashes and cuts”.


“I started using Healing Elements about a year ago for chapped skin but now I use it for everything. I got some for both of my daughters and they love it too. One uses it for her sons eczema and swears by it. The other uses it for a belly balm for her pregnant belly and swears it is the best thing out there for keeping her stretching skin soft. She tried just about everything on the market for her baby bump before using the Healing Elements and says she will never use anything else.”


“This stuff is like the Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding!”


“It’s no secret that I adore Healing Elements. My poor baby was plagued with red hot eczema skin her first winter. While it didn’t seem to bother her any, it looked awful and I’m sure left untreated it would have become much more of an issue to be dealt with. After consulting a doctor in our pediatrician’s office she suggested rubbing cortisone cream all over any affected area which left me with raised eyebrows considering it covered such a large part of her body. Talking with Susan and making some small changes in our routine including the daily addition of Healing Elements completely saved my daughter.”



Ready to Experience the Magic?

Head over to my website now and order your jar of Healing Elements Balm. Join the countless others who have made this their go-to skincare essential. Trust in clean, natural ingredients and see the difference for yourself