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My name is Susan Larimer, and I am a Director with Lemongrass Spa Products from Harrison, Ohio (originally from Bethlehem, PA, with hopes of retiring to the beach one day!).  My journey with this company began in 2014 when a friend of mine invited me to a FB Party where she was launching her new Lemongrass Spa business.  I had never heard of this company, but I wanted to support her, so I joined, purchased a few products (hello Body Polish!), and I fell in LOVE! 

After making a few more purchases, my friend finally said, “Susan, if you love these products so much, why don’t you just join for the discount?” Hhhmmm, tempting, but I was working full-time as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I was already “hobbying” with another direct sales company, plus I had 2 elementary school aged kids involved in sports! Where would I have time to add something else to my plate?  But every time I made a purchase from my friend, I did the math, and I really wanted that 25% discount.  SO… A few months later I became a “kit-napper”, and I joined for the 25% discount knowing I did not want to live without having these products as part of my daily routine (and why pay full price?!). 

Today, I continue to enjoy sharing these products, their clean ingredients, and also the business opportunity with everyone!  I also love helping women find their all-star lineup of skincare products to reveal their naturally beautiful skin (hello, confidence booster!). 

Thanks so much for spending time with me!  I’m looking forward to serving you and getting to know you better!

~ Susan Larimer

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About Lemongrass Spa

All because of Lemongrass Spa


When Heidi Leist was pregnant with her daughter she became an avid label reader, educating herself on healthier food choices and skincare products. Recognizing that there are many unsafe chemicals commonly found in bath and beauty products, she started making her own natural products in her home after the birth of her first daughter. She began sharing these products with women at home spa experiences and quickly developed a following for her handcrafted body polishes, foot soaks and lotions.

Lemongrass Spa has swiftly grown and expanded its offerings to a comprehensive collection of beauty and skincare products, as well as a strong community, that is the #LEMONGRASSTRIBE. Sharing a passion for clean living, natural beauty and self-care all while giving back to the communities in which we live is an opportunity we’re all incredibly grateful to have.

How can I serve you?


  • 1:1 Coffe Chats
  • Skincare Consultations
  • Facial Workshops
  • Essential Oil Make-n-Take Workshops
  • Sampling Events
  • Catalog Parties
  • Vitual Events (ZOOM or FB)

Loving Care Gift Sets: 

Includes our top selling Healing Elements Balm, the Ultra Hydrating Body Creme, and a tube of the Organic Skin & Nail Balm.

Military Support:

Includes Herbal Foot Soak, Walnut Foot Scrub, and Peppermint Foot Balm.  This is a perfect gift for our service men and women who spend countless hours on their feet every day serving our country.