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Protecting Your Lips from the Sun: A Personal Journey

Protecting Your Lips from the Sun: A Personal JourneyAs the sunshine beckons and beach trips become a frequent occurrence, it’s time for my yearly Public Service Announcement! For years, I suffered from the discomfort of sunburnt lips every time I ventured out into the sun.  My lips would burn, blister, and peel, and the pain would be unbearable! I experimented with countless lip balms boasting sun protection, yet my bottom lip remained vulnerable to the sun’s harsh rays. It seemed like no product could provide the shield my lips desperately needed.

Then, I stumbled upon Lemongrass Spa’s lipstick, particularly in the shade Bare, and it revolutionized my sun protection routine. Despite not being a lipstick enthusiast, I was willing to give it a try if it meant finding relief from my perennial lip burns. And to my amazement, for the first time ever, my lips remained unscathed by the sun while wearing Lemongrass Spa’s Bare Lipstick!

What makes this lipstick different, you ask? Well, unlike traditional lip balms with SPF, lipstick offers a physical barrier against the sun. This added layer of protection proved to be the missing piece in my sun care arsenal. Of course, I have to reapply after meals or water activities, but the peace of mind it provides is well worth the extra effort.

However, I must confess, there was a recent mishap at Jackson’s pole vaulting competition where I forgot to reapply. But hey, we live and learn, right?

So, consider this a heartfelt plea to spread the word! If you, like me, have tried everything under the sun (pun intended) and still suffer from sunburnt lips, give Lemongrass Spa’s lipstick a chance. I’ve been faithfully protecting my lips since 2021, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Let’s banish burnt lips from our beach days and outdoor adventures once and for all. Together, we can enjoy the sunshine without the painful consequences. Trust me; your lips will thank you!

Let's Get Those Lips Protected!

Click below to choose your perfect shade!  In this picture, I’m wear the Bare Lipstick shade.  Also available in “Cosmo” and “Flirt”.